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525, 600 minutes.

I realize this has been a day of reflection for most of the world. As we look back on 2011 and remember things that were accomplished and memories that were made. Good and bad habits that may have just begun or happily ended. I look back on 2011 as an uneventful year.

Not uneventful in the way most people would think. Uneventful because my family didn’t have a lot of big change. In the 14 years that Duane and I have been married, we usually have some kind of a show-stopping, life-changing thing that happens. New job. New house. New car. Not are all good. We’ve been though job losses. My mom passing away. And losing an unborn baby. Good or bad, we’ve pretty much run the gamut.

This year however, was uneventful because of the lack of change that happened in our marriage. But 2011 held some huge changes for me, personally. I had a lot of “I am Woman, Hear Me Roar” moments. Here they are in no particular order.

1. I went to LA by myself! Twice! This may not be super huge for some people, but for someone with a huge fear of flying and the never-ending thought of my plane plunging to the ground resulting in my demise, this was a really big step for me. Both trips resulted in me feeling a little more confident about who I am and where I want my life to go.

2. I started a blog. Again, not huge for some people, but for a non-writer, non-creative like myself, my blog has been a huge turning point for me. I realized that I am comfortable stepping out of my happy homemaker box and finding a creative outlet that doesn’t seem very mom-ish. Thank you to everyone who reads and subscribes. You make me feel like I have something important to say that isn’t aimed at the stylings of a preschooler.

3. I went back to work. Another huge step in the life of a stay at home mom. I took the plunge to find something more than scrubbing toilets and wiping noses. Granted, I still do both of those and more, but I feel like I have found something for myself that I enjoy, my husband likes to brag about, and my kids take pride in. To me, a huge win.

4. I grew back my green-thumb. My garden was happily restarted, a little late in the season, however, but still flourished to my happiness. I also managed to can and freeze most of my crops. Yes, little Suzy Homemaker still exists and thrives in her suburban home.

So, how do you measure a year in the life? 525, 600 minutes doesn’t seem like much time, but in this last year of my life, I have accomplished much. And much happiness has been had during this season. I hope and pray that this next year will welcome such change as 2011.


Brain dead.

I’m hoping I’m not alone here.  I tried to write about something important to me this morning and couldn’t put into words what I wanted to say.  The problem was, I wanted to begin all my sentences with a hash tag.  Have I become so lazy in our modern-day social media world that I can’t form a cohesive sentence without it starting with #?

If you know me or are familiar with my blogs, you know that I’m not much of a writer.  Or a reader.  Or for that matter, a scholar.  But I do know that the more I rely on technology, the less-smart (Is that even a correct phrase? #seewhatImean) I become.  True, I do write more now than I ever have.  But is writing a bunch of thoughts out for people I don’t even know a way to help my thought process or my brain develop further?

I sat down to write some thank you notes a few weeks ago.  Hand written thank you’s, to be exact.  And I was appalled at how lousy my penmanship had become.  It was like I was back in fifth grade and it was the end of summer vacation and I couldn’t remember how to print out the word “fabulous.”  And forget writing in cursive.  There’s no way I could form a fancy, or cursive, “E” to save my life.  So what does one do to remedy this?

Read a book?  Write a letter?  Or just keep doing what I’m doing and hoping that I don’t get a phone call from an editor asking me to help out write a series of stories for adults.  #yeahlikethatsreallygoingtohappen.  I guess I’ll just be happy that I have this outlet and spell check to help develop my brain power just a little bit more everyday.

Setting goals is the easy part.

I love a good goal.  I’m all about goals.  In fact, I used to make goal posters and jot down when a goal had been achieved.  Setting goals can be fun and, most of the time, coming up with a goal is the easy part.  Reaching a goal is where it starts to get tricky.

Everyone has heard the expression, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”  That’s kind of how I feel when I set a goal.  But when reality sets in and it’s time to start or reach that goal, it can be a little overwhelming. I’ve learned on the “road to hell” that setting a goal should be simple and fairly easy to achieve. Something like, oh I don’t know, blogging everyday for 25 days may be a bit extreme.  Like I said before, a goal should be something that you can see through, from beginning to end.

I was asked in a job interview this week to give an example of a goal that I set for myself and was able to complete.  Sadly, in my 36 years of life, I could only think of one example.  The goals I tend to set for myself seem to be a somewhat overwhelming.  Too good to be true, even.

Let this be a lesson to me.  A goal worth setting should be a goal worth completing.  If I think, even for a moment, that it might be too big, it probably is.  It should be something that can be achieved a day, a week, or a month at a time.  Set your eyes on the prize, just make sure it’s something you can see.

In the world of technology, I am dumb.

I really have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to pretty much any kind of technology.  Computers, ipods, cell phones.  You name it, I need a tutorial.  This becomes more and more apparent to me as my 10 and 12 year olds continue to surpass my knowledge in the technological world.

Everything in our house is run on our computer or some other kind of electronic system.  99% of our phone calls are made from our cell phones.  We stream TV on our Xbox.  We watch movies on our apple TV.  Luckily my husband is quite savvy when it comes to technology, otherwise I would probably still be using my VHS and cordless phone.

I tried to make a simple monthly calendar last week on my mac.  Macs are supposed to be for people like me.  Easy and basic.  The calendar is still sitting on my dashboard thingy waiting to be made because I couldn’t figure out, to save my life, how to insert a picture.  Laugh if you must.  I am aware that I am incapable.

In high school I took a typing class.  I mastered the type writer.  I could type faster than anyone in my class.  This last school year, my 6th grader mastered how to do power point presentations and spread sheets.  Things are not as simple as they were 2 decades ago.  Or maybe they are.

Maybe I just need to get on the techno-bandwagon and try to do something more than email and facebook.  Or maybe I can just keep things how they are and let my 2 year old update my blog for me once a year.  Because I’m pretty sure he’ll learn faster than me.

Yeah, so this is why I’m not a writer.

I have a lot of thoughts. I have found blogging to be really fun and even therapeutic.  But my dilemma is, do people really want to hear them? So I’m giving myself a challenge.  *GULP*  I’m going to blog about something, anything, for 25 days straight. Yikes!

You will probably see random thoughts. Pictures. Maybe I’ll throw in an emotional tidbit every now and then. But I really want to get back into the fondness that I have found in writing.

If you have any ideas for future posts, please let me know.  I’m willing to be a guinea pig, to an extent.  If not, then you and I will be surprised together! Here goes nothing.

Oh, and I am counting this as a post, so one down…