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Airport Style

Who knew this was a thing?  Until very recently, I tried to avoid airports at all costs.  Not airports necessarily, but flying.  I’m a nervous flyer.  I have new-found coping skills, however, that make flying just a little more bearable.  And discovering new fashion trends via airport style has made it a bit more fun.  With my recent job transition, I will be spending some time at airports, so I’ve compiled a list of fashion trends that will make my escapades and escapes more like a fashion runway than an airport runway.

1. There’s no need to sacrifice fashion for comfort.  The perfect go to staple for airplane travel is skinny jeans.  I want to be able to move once I leave the plane and hit the airport, so I prefer the stretchy kind.  Another new favorite of  mine are “fancy” sweatpants, although I’m pretty sure that’s not what they’re actually called.  Both skinny jeans and “fancy” sweats can be paired with either a cute flat or, my favorite, a wedge heel.


2. Which brings me to my next point, SHOES!  For airport style, it’s important to be able to get those beauties off at a moment’s notice thanks to the TSA.  I find flats and wedges to be the most effective and either type of shoe can go with almost anything from jeans to maxi skirts.  To avoid having to pack too many pairs of shoes, though this is truly a hazard for me, try to find a pair that goes with just about anything in your suitcase.


3. Layers are crucial when traveling.  I live in Seattle, so it’s, more often than not, raining anytime I leave to travel somewhere.  I adjust for the change in climates by wearing layers, but avoiding coats.  It’s usually a t-shirt, sweater or lightweight jacket and a scarf.  This also helps me to keep warm on my flight and I can usually stow a layer in my small bag when I land, if I need to.


4. Sunglasses.  I learned this the hard way.  I always like to wear minimal makeup when traveling.  I think planes are dirty and being around so many people at once is dirtier, so traveling with light makeup is key since I know I’ll be cleaning up after I land.  But when I stumbled upon Chris Evans, aka Captain America, last week sans makeup, I decided that minimal makeup isn’t always the best idea.  My solution?  Travel with sunglasses at the ready.  This way I can still go eau natural, but hide my face with my cute aviators if I need to!


5.  Let your bags work for you.  You’re carrying around a portion of your closet, so why not make it a cute closet?  With keeping your wardrobe minimal, you can do it up bold with your bag!


Have fun traveling in style!  And watch for some favorite looks of your own whilst traveling.  If you have feedback or favorites, let me know!


Summer wish list

It’s almost midnight. But in the spirit of keeping with my word, I’m posting a super short “blog” tonight. I’m not even really sure it can be called a blog since it’s really more of a wish list of  some new faves of mine.  I hope you enjoy it and can find some inspiration and style of your own!

Jeans with super sexy pockets. These jeans by Rock Revival might be a little out of my league, but I think they’re super cute!

Go with everything wedges!  Wedges are comfy and cute and can be worn by just about everyone!

I love being able to change my makeup colors depending on the season and what I’m wearing.  I’m so excited about these new color pencils from Mary Kay!

Sunglasses are such an easy way to change your look depending on your mood.  These Raybans are so much fun!

Put on some make up and look cute!

Do you ever have one of those days where you just want to lay around and do nothing? Well, that was me this morning. I had on my cozy sweats and had a list of reasons why this was a good idea. I didn’t sleep well last night. I don’t feel good. I have loads of laundry to get done. I feel fat. On and on the excuses came. Until finally I said, “Just go put on some make up and try to look cute.” After I dragged my lazy bootie off the couch and upstairs, I went to the bathroom not expecting any great results. Fortunately, I was wrong.

I felt so much better! It’s funny how such a small thing, like putting on make up, changing out of a shlumpy outfit, or making your hair cute, can totally change your attitude. Again, this is one thing that I know works, but finding even the smallest amount of motivation to do it can seem more challenging than the act itself. Especially for stay at home moms.

Sometimes finding a reason to look cute can seem impossible. Especially when we know we’re not leaving the house. Or when you have to get on your hands on knees to clean a toilet or the kitchen floor. Why would you want to put on your skinny jeans and cute top just to get dirty again? For you, that’s who!

YOU have to take care of you. Treat yourself like the wonderful woman God created you to be! So go on! Wear your wedges while you vacuum! Curl your hair to take out the trash! Put on your new summer dress to go to the grocery store! YOU deserve to look like the wonderful woman you are!