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Healthy tips from a consumer just like you.

I’m so excited to have a guest blogger this week.  One of my dearest friends, Cindy Sorenson. Cindy’s passion of cooking and experimenting in the kitchen lead her to earn her Bachelors Degree from Bastyr University in Nutrition/Dietetics. She has been teaching and volunteering with the PCC Cooks program for the past four years. Since becoming registered as a dietitian she has been working at Bayview Retirement Community as the staff dietitian. She also is beginning her second year serving on the Greater Seattle Dietetic Association (GSDA) board as the Public Relations Co-chair. For more information, please visit Cindy’s website.

Healthy tips from a consumer just like you.
By: Cindy Sorensen, R.D.

1. Don’t Trust Labels
Labels have a lot of “claims”. Remember to be smart and read ingredient
lists and nutrition facts!

2. Learn what adds flavor without adding calories, fat or sodium
My trick is adding lemon juice or vinegar to almost anything I cook.
Scientifically it enhances the salty/savory flavor of the food! Also, don’t be
shy adding spices and herbs to anything.

3. Sweeten Food items yourself
Go ahead, buy the yogurt that you love, just buy the plain version and
add your own fruit and a little honey. Or buy plain popcorn and drizzle
it with honey to satisfy your sweet tooth.

4. Roast Vegetables
When you roast vegetables you cook them at high temp in oven (at least
400), it allow the natural sugars to caramelize and the veggie tastes
delicious without having to add much to it!

5. Buy Frozen, not Canned
Canned vegetables and fruit have high levels of sodium and sweeteners to
preserve them.  Frozen produce usually do not have added preservatives
and have a higher nutritional value.

6. Avoid frozen or pre-made dinners
Even though those healthy choice dinners are low in fat, be careful of higher
sodium and/or sugar levels.

7. Limit Juices and blended beverages
The smoothies and blended coffees often have a lot of sugar and calories.
Most have ice cream or frozen yogurt added to them!  Whenever you
can, eat fruit instead of drinking the juice.

8. Increase fiber in diet
Whenever possible eat food in its most whole form. You will get the most
nutrition and feel more satisfied! Also, switching to whole grains will
add some fiber, among other things!

9. Drink more water
Optimally, you should drink 8 glasses per day. But, to be most effective
bring a water bottle with you EVERYWHERE and refill and refill!! We
need water to function! We don’t have reserves.

10.  Eat Slowly
Honestly, it’s easier said than done! But if you simply chew thoroughly
more nutrition is absorbed! Also, try to wait 20 minutes after eating
before getting dessert or another snack. If you still are hungry have a
glass of water… and if your still hungry try sharing a dessert!


This is my…. Oh, what’s it called, you know, when it’s your first time trying something?

Well, whatever it is, this is mine. My very first blog post! I have to say that I’m a little nervous. I really don’t know why. Maybe I’m worried that I won’t have anything to say. Or worse, no one will listen. Either way, this is my chance to help moms be the best that they can be without losing themselves. I know that might sound a bit cliche’, but that’s truly how I feel. I’ve been a mom now for over 12 years. During that time, I’ve tried to hold down multiple part time jobs, lose weight, fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes, try out the easiest meal plans for my family, plant and grow gardens, can my harvest from said garden, try new workout fads, made cards and crafts, decorating, wear 4″ heels at the playground while pushing my 2 year old in the swing, and the list goes on and on. I’ve made the mistakes and had the victories. I’m not a writer by any stretch of the imagination, but my goal is to help all moms find themselves while also loving their families and doing what they feel God has called them to do. For me, I remember, at the age of 6, helping my mom in the garden of our Seattle craftsman style home while dreaming about being a mom. When I became a mom to my beautiful daughter 12 years ago, it was truly one of the best moments in my life. Finally, I was doing what I was meant to do! Thank you, God! But in that process, I also found that I lost the person that my husband fell in love with. I took care of my baby and my husband, and not myself. I had a spotless house, beautiful flower beds, recipes to die for, but I wasn’t all there. I became unhealthy, a little stressed, what if something went wrong? 12 years and 4 kids later, I realized that the most important person I had to take care of was me. If I took care of myself, everything else would fall in place. We’ve all heard this before, but is it really true? YES! I’m proof! Now, let me be clear. While I “take care of myself first,” I don’t let my house go to hell. My children don’t go to school in dirty clothes and half made lunches. My husband doesn’t warm up Hungry Man meals from the freezer for dinner, although he might like that sometimes. But when you take care of yourself, you want more and more to take care of everything else. You want to be that better woman, wife, mom. I hope that I can help you on your journey. So, hold on and let’s try this together! Thanks for reading. OH WAIT, it’s a maiden voyage!