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Recipe: Breakfast Salad

I don’t post a lot of recipes.  Mostly because I don’t consider myself a gourmet.  I do love to cook and I convince myself that I am creative in the kitchen.  But after watching Master Chef Jr. with my 10-year-old, I am, in no way, a chef.

This recipe has gotten a lot of buzz.  Salad for breakfast.  Sounds pretty disgusting even as I type it out.  Romaine, chicken, evoo, and balsamic?  No.  Thank goodness. This breakfast salad has exactly what you would eat in an omelette, just cold and in a bowl.


I like a good hearty salad.  So this one had to have a lot of texture to it.  I started with two handfuls of organic spinach.  I prefer organic spinach to non-organic because I think the flavor is stronger, kind of as it was meant to be.  I added 4 hardboiled organic egg whites.  Again, I always eat organic or free range eggs for the same reason.  They just taste better.  I also just use the whites since they are chock full of protein, contain no fat and no cholesterol.  Then I threw in about 1/8 cup of shredded cheddar cheese to add a bit more protein.  You don’t want to add too much cheese because it increases your fat and calories of the day, but add enough to taste.  The only other thing that I would’ve added would be some diced crispy bacon. I don’t buy bacon bits, but only use fresh bacon on my salads and didn’t have any on hand first thing in the morning. Top with the same ratio as the cheese.

For the dressing I use a simple honey mustard that I made from scratch:

1 part mustard

1/5 parts honey

2 parts evoo

1 part lemon juice

salt and pepper to taste

It’s sweet and savory.  Perfect for first thing in the morning or for an early lunch.

I hope you enjoy your breakfast salad as much as I did!


My muscles hate me.

I love to work out.  I love my gym.  I love the energy that comes when you’ve burned 500 calories in an hour.  When you feel like barfing because your body is working so hard.  Sounds weird, I know.  But I love that! My body loves it!

Until one day I decide that I’m going to take a day off from working out.  Maybe I have too much laundry.  Maybe I don’t feel well.  Maybe the kids need me at home.  Whatever it is it only takes once.  Just one day to break that cycle. Just one day to make my muscles decide that they have turned against me and aren’t going to do anything either.

Now I find myself faced with feeling totally and completely unmotivated.  You know when you should be doing something, but just can’t quite find the perfect and exact reason to do it.  So now comes the really hard part.  Harder than doing those 10 extra pushups.  Harder than lifting those 10 extra pounds.  Harder than running that extra mile. Figuring out, once again, what drives me to be at the gym day after day.

It should be easy.  It’s summer.  Just the mere fact that I’m going to be in a swim suit for 20% of the season should be reason enough.  What motivates you?  What drives you to want to look and feel your best?  I’m going to figure out what mine is once again!