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Spring and summer trendspotting. 2012.

As the season’s change, so do wardrobes, shoes, and hairstyles.  One thing I look forward to every year along with the change in weather is the new trends in fashion.  I find myself binging pictures of New York fashion week and skimming through magazines day after day to find a multitude of fun, mom-friendly, youthful fashions.  Here are some of my favorites for Spring and Summer 2012.

1.  Pastels.  Likely to be popular, with a lot of baby pinks, blues and yellows in different fabrics, consider it a paler take on the familiar colorblocking trend. More is more—think light pink plus mint green plus daffodil—and you won’t even have to sport sunglasses before checking yourself out in the mirror.

Pair this pink and white halter dress with a pair of pale yellow or nude pumps for a quick, classy, and modern upgrade.

2.  Lace. Talk about the perfect embodiment of romanticism, lace is for women that have a more personal kind of beauty, very sensual and sensitive. It’s all about organic textures but in a very simple shape with the memory of couture. Look for exquisite details, floral lace motifs and hand-painted flowers.

When wearing lace, choose just one piece and keep it a neutral color. This beige lace blouse and dark jeans is a perfect combination.

3.  Nude shoes.  My new favorite.  Nude shoes can go from winter to summer without being noticed.  We can thank Kate Middleton for starting this trend last year.  And for us shorter girls, they give us extra height while still being functional in the eye of fashion.

Choose a patent leather nude shoe for rainier days. They tend to look cleaner.

4.  Pops of color. Provocative Tangerine Tango, an enticing juicy orange, is a vivacious and appealing refresher to enliven anyone’s outlook this spring.  Just be careful when wearing this bold color.  You don’t want to add too much of a good thing.  Keep it simple to just one bold color at a time.

Add a white or tee and a black blazer to let these jeans speak for themselves.

5. Black is always back.  From head to toe, it is always timeless.  Just make sure to add seasonal elements or multiple accessories to keep the look fresh.

Add a nice big piece of jewelry to any black outfit to give it the attention it deserves.



The Happiest Place On Earth!

Disneyland!  Yep, for me and my family it really is.  People frequently ask us if we ever just get tired of going there.  Really?  I don’t understand how one get ever get tired of going to Disneyland.  And yes, I’m acknowledging that this may seem a bit odd to some.

Me with my kiddos on the Disneyland tram, Nov. 2009

We try to go once a year.  Last year we were lucky enough to go 3 different times.  However, that rarely happens.  But if we can go once a year, we’re happy.  Not bad for a family of 6 from Seattle.  This year we decided to go in the fall.  111 days from now to be exact.  But I think one of the most fun parts of a vacation is the planning process.

We already know where we’re staying, Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel.  We already know the days that we’re going, Halloween being one of them.  So what’s left to plan?  Well, not much really, for most people.  But we have hours of Disneyland music to listen to.  Videos to watch.  Websites to visit.  The fun won’t end until the day we step foot back in our house from our epic trip!

But Disneyland holds a deeper meaning to us than to most, I think.  Duane and I met while working at the Disney Store. We got married and honeymooned in Disneyland.  Going back to where our romance first began is a huge part of what has made Disney such an important part of our journey together.  One that most people don’t understand and even question.

But we’re OK with it!  Because as Walt said, “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy.” And that’s what Disney means to us.

It’s summer, so now what?

Aahhh, summer. Those lazy days. I love summer. For the first 3 weeks. Then, I have trouble keeping my kids and myself occupied. This summer should be even more fun because not only do I have my 4, but my sister’s 2. Don’t be surprised if you see me frequently holding a cocktail midday. But how will I keep 6 kids from feeling bored come July 5?  For you locals, I have a few ideas that I’ve used over the years.

1. SUMMER MOVIE EXPRESS by Regal Cinemas. 2 days a week during the summer months, Regal Cinemas is showing kids movies for just $1. This is not new, but what has changed is now they charge you. In years past it has been free. There are a couple of upsides for this charge, though, that I’ve noticed. The movies are fairly new. I’ve been to some screenings in previous years where the choices of movies for the week are less than nap-time worthy. Also, since they are charging this year, I think the theaters will be less full. We’ve actually been turned away before because the theaters fill up so fast. I think this will help remedy the situation. And $1 for a new-ish movie really isn’t that much. Go to http://www.regmovies.com/summermovieexpress for more information and to check your local theaters.

2. The Beach. Although I tend to not love our beaches here in the northwest, my kids do. And many of them have a nearby park. It’s an easy answer to summer boredom.

3. Waterparks. This is my favorite summer “hang-out” now that I have kids. We have a very close, very clean water park to our house and for the last 3 summers, I have splurged and bought the season pass. The bonus to this is first, if you go more than 2 times, you have paid for it and second, no long wait lines. We pack a lunch, snacks, and water bottles so we don’t have to spend any money once we’re there. For my local friends visit, http://rentonwa.gov/living/default.aspx?id=190 for more information.

4. National Parks. We have become a family very fond of our national park system. It started 5 years ago when we took our first multi-state road trip and visited several national parks along our route. Since then, every summer, we find at least one destination to pack up the car to visit. It’s so much fun learning about America as well as viewing the beautiful countryside along the way. To make it even better, the National Parks System offers a Free Entrance Day every June 21, the first day of summer. Normal entrance fees vary by park. Visit http://www.nps.gov/findapark/feefreeparks.htm for more information.

5. Reading programs. I’m not much of a reader, but thank the Lord, my kids are different from me when it comes to reading. There are so many local reading programs that, chances are, you wouldn’t be able to participate in all of them if you tried, but some of our favorites are run by the local library system and Barnes & Noble. It’s fun for kids to read new and challenging books and then get a reward for accomplishing their goal at the end of summer. Go to http://freesamplefreak.com/summer-reading-programs-for-kids-2011/ for some great ideas!

6. The Dollar Store. This is kind of a “what should we do today?” pit stop that I access frequently. We can usually find enough change around the house and in the car for each of the kids to choose something and it usually takes them around 60 minutes to figure it out how to use their dollar wisely.

These are just a few ideas that I hope you will use. Please leave feedback and any other ideas that you might have. I’m always up to finding new things to do.  Oh, and don’t forget to pack the sunscreen!