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525, 600 minutes.

I realize this has been a day of reflection for most of the world. As we look back on 2011 and remember things that were accomplished and memories that were made. Good and bad habits that may have just begun or happily ended. I look back on 2011 as an uneventful year.

Not uneventful in the way most people would think. Uneventful because my family didn’t have a lot of big change. In the 14 years that Duane and I have been married, we usually have some kind of a show-stopping, life-changing thing that happens. New job. New house. New car. Not are all good. We’ve been though job losses. My mom passing away. And losing an unborn baby. Good or bad, we’ve pretty much run the gamut.

This year however, was uneventful because of the lack of change that happened in our marriage. But 2011 held some huge changes for me, personally. I had a lot of “I am Woman, Hear Me Roar” moments. Here they are in no particular order.

1. I went to LA by myself! Twice! This may not be super huge for some people, but for someone with a huge fear of flying and the never-ending thought of my plane plunging to the ground resulting in my demise, this was a really big step for me. Both trips resulted in me feeling a little more confident about who I am and where I want my life to go.

2. I started a blog. Again, not huge for some people, but for a non-writer, non-creative like myself, my blog has been a huge turning point for me. I realized that I am comfortable stepping out of my happy homemaker box and finding a creative outlet that doesn’t seem very mom-ish. Thank you to everyone who reads and subscribes. You make me feel like I have something important to say that isn’t aimed at the stylings of a preschooler.

3. I went back to work. Another huge step in the life of a stay at home mom. I took the plunge to find something more than scrubbing toilets and wiping noses. Granted, I still do both of those and more, but I feel like I have found something for myself that I enjoy, my husband likes to brag about, and my kids take pride in. To me, a huge win.

4. I grew back my green-thumb. My garden was happily restarted, a little late in the season, however, but still flourished to my happiness. I also managed to can and freeze most of my crops. Yes, little Suzy Homemaker still exists and thrives in her suburban home.

So, how do you measure a year in the life? 525, 600 minutes doesn’t seem like much time, but in this last year of my life, I have accomplished much. And much happiness has been had during this season. I hope and pray that this next year will welcome such change as 2011.


Proscratination is not in my vocabulary.

OK, that’s not entirely true. Maybe I am a bit of a procrastinator.  I still wait until the last-minute to get most things done. But I’m way better than I used to be.  I’ve found that working outside my home gives me more of a desire to get things done around my home when I am home.

The definition of procrastination is putting off or delaying or deferring an action to a later time.

Having 4 kids and a very busy husband, often I would feel so overwhelmed with things that I needed to get done, that I would either wait until it was necessary or not do it at all.  Now that I have a job, I don’t have the luxury of waiting.  If I have the time, I do it.

It’s amazing to me how much “stuff” I can get done when I’m at home now.  My days “off” are more limited.  I have a certain amount of hours in the week and I have to cram as much into those hours as I can.  But the best part is, I don’t feel like I’m cramming anything.  I’m simply making the best use of my time.

Here’s a perfect example:  Today is my one day this week where I don’t have anything scheduled.  So I made the most of it. I actually made breakfast for my kids. Did a load of laundry before they left for school.  Husked and canned 6 stalks (now cans) of corn.  Baked and bagged 2 dozen cookies for school lunches.  Blogged.  And it’s not even noon yet.  I have the whole day ahead of me to clean, work out, prep for dinner, do more laundry, or just veg with a cup of coffee while Gus is napping.  Oops,  that’s the procrastinator in me.

What I’m trying to say is, how much can you get done in a short amount of time?  For procrastinators like me, it’s probably more than you think.  So go ahead, set the timer, and go.  Let’s leave the procrastinating to later tonight when we can relax with a glass of wine knowing we filled our day with good stuff for ourselves and our family!

Back to work

Today I officially re-enter the employed workers of America! I’m so excited! After being a stay at home mom for nearly 12 years, I’m definitely ready and willing to work outside of my home. Granted I had jobs here and there, none of which lasted too long. I found it difficult to work outside of my home when my kiddos needs were so strong. But now, I’m ready!

A look inside the new Disney Store.

My new “job” won’t really feel like work to me, though. I’m going back to my Disney roots and working as a Cast Member at the brand new store here in the Seattle area. For those of you that don’t know, I met my husband while working at the Disney Store 15 years ago. We got married in Disneyland. We vacation there about once a year. To me, Disney is fun, not work. I’m just lucky enough to get paid to have fun!

After being at home with 6 kids all summer, I definitely feel the desire to temporarily leave Mommy duties behind. Now, here I go!

Date Night

Having 4 kids takes up a lot of time. Sometimes just moving from one place to the next takes time. Picking up toys, putting dishes in the dishwasher, hanging up laundry, and the list goes on and on. Needless to say, date night is something that would not naturally happen. Luckily, I have a love of going out!

I love to try new food, see new movies, and just generally get away from my kids. I realize that not all married couples share my love. Some married couples love being with their kids day after day, night after night.  Although, this seems like not so much fun for me, I know that some moms and dads love it.  I, however,  have found that having a date night is a necessity for a strong marriage, even if you don’t have kids. It’s a time to let go of whatever has happened at work or at home and be together with your spouse. Even if your date night consists of shopping at Target and going to 5 Guys. Time alone is what counts. It helps you to remember why you fell in love in the first place.

It’s not always easy to find time alone. If you’ve seen the movie “Date Night,” you know what I mean.  You have to rally.  I may not be as bad as Tina Fey’s character, but I have used every excuse as to why I don’t want to have a date. Babysitters cost too much. Restaurants are all booked. There are no good movies. I’m too tired. Every excuse can be remedied with something. Babysitters cost too much? Have a “date” at home with a nice meal and a movie on demand after the kids are in bed. Restaurants all booked? Nope. That never happens. OK, maybe on Valentine’s Day, but there’s always at least one place where you could go. No good movies? Than go for a walk. Too tired? That’s EXACTLY why we need to get away!

I said before that I love going out. I love going out with my husband. I also love going out without him. Although date nights are hugely important for a strong marriage, so are times spent away from your spouse. The expression “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” really rings true. At least for me. When I am not with him, I remember why I love being around him. I love that I have him to go home to.

I know marriage isn’t easy. No one said it is. But having a friend in your spouse makes even the toughest times seem easier. Set aside time to be alone. Mark it on your calendar or phone. If it’s not a priority, make it a priority. And you will soon see how important, fun, and needed date nights really are!